Stoneboat Pinot Noir, 2010

222Award winning drinkable red.  (Annual award from the BC Lieutenant Governor which is a strange and unusual pro-BC wine industry award system that seems upbeat, arbitrary, unnecessary and carries a faint whiff of the Beaujolais Nouveau nonsense hype that runs rampant in London annually.)


As per a number of other reviews on this site our general preference isn’t towards Pinot and mainly because the finest Pinot is best drunk as wine and not as an accompaniment to food to say nothing of the price PN commands or the snobbery that seems to accompany it (and that is not a slight against Burgundy.  Marry me Olivier LeFlaive).  This vintage is light enough to pair perfectly with halibut without a red/fish clash, or as a pre-dinner quaff, but lacks the heft you’d expect in say a French or Californian Pinot.  It has a slight bitter/sour flavour.  I liked it, I loved the peppery kick and nuances of sage and dark berries; even though it’s expensive I’d definitely cough up the dough again.  But one guest had half a glass and found it antiseptic.  Although I think that reaction a tad extreme, there is a modest tongue lash aftertaste that wouldn’t be to everyone’s liking.


Price: $27.99 at the brilliant independent in Ganges.


Market Liquidity: I’m curious to know who took second place.

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