Wayne Gretzky No 99 Sonoma Chardonnay, 2010

224Not quite bad or not not quite good or sort of really good.  You want to like it.  You want to open the review with “Another great one from the great one.”  But you can’t.  This is a drinkable, approachable, pleasant chardonnay, a smidgen cloying, a tiny bit too sweet, a fraction too oaky, but with all the elements, all the components of something better.  It’s not expensive in the US and it’s nothing to turn your nose up at.

The bottle says crisp and clean.  I disagree, it’s too heavy, and much more creamy with classic Chard butter on the palate.  The bottle says citrus and tropical fruit.  I agree, but muted and overpowered by oak and vanilla.  The bottle says well-balanced.  As a sipper I’d say no, but with a fresh pasta with white meat yes.

Not an all-star record making vintage, but really good value.

Price: $17 US in an American corner store.

Market Liquidity:  Good in the moment but not a highlight reel white.

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