La Frenz Montage, 2008

089From the cellar: Stuck in the back of the “cellar” and forgotten?  But oh so luscious and what a wonderful keeper this turned out to be.  The Naramata Bench Rattlesnake Vineyard Montage  (a Shiraz, Merlot, Cab Sauv blend with Shiraz bling and Merlot deftness and not too much CS it seemed).  Big and bold with a spicy kick, an aromatic currant nose, with a deep, glorious fruit finish.  A long pleasing pleasant finish with no rough edges.  Honestly, a most wonderful Okanagan red.  But why did I keep it?  Did Gismondi recommend lying down?  No idea, no notes, no meticulous record.  Usually, the Montage is one for fresh from the bottle, now and away.  Maybe it was a mistake?  A glorious mistake.  Opens up with air to a deep cherry vanilla soda with leathery overtones, beautiful nuance of oak but no oaky-whitewash.  And, at only 13% alcohol, a miracle of sorts.


Price: From the vineyard a few years back.  The 2011 sells for $22, so let’s say something like that.


Market Liquidity: Smooth but not glib—like Ella Fitzgerald forgetting the lyrics…

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