Poplar Grove Chardonnay, 2011

078Really?  Gismondi really liked this (88 points), citing its “fresh mashed apple nose” and Beppi over at the Globe went a little over the top even referring to its “aromatic verve” and giving it a whopping 91 points.  Although I respect both men and particularly like Crosarial’s descriptive flair, so much less pedantic than the Wine Advocate cronies, and Gismondi seems at times the only one in the province speaking out on our antiquated and unfair liquor regs, I’m not quite sure we drank the same wine.  And we drank two bottles over a few days.

First, it’s a little simple.  Second, it’s a little boring.  Third, it’s a little been there done that on the Chardonnay front.  Fourth, at $22 (and up, $27 at Legacy) it’s got competition that would definitely nudge it down a few points.  Lean, yes, citrus, yes, pale colour, yes, but not so heavy on the tropical fruit (that seems an embellishment).  Beppi spoke of notes of muscat (truthfully? or did you have copy to fill?) and Viognier (yes, maybe even more than a note).  There is that metallic “apple sauce on the canning jar lid” on the tongue along with a pleasing but antiseptic nose. Really, really not a crowd pleaser.  But, obviously, a trade favorite.

Price: $22 at BC Liquor while supplies last.

Market Liquidity: The Lone Ranger or World War Z; it depends on your outlook.

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