Woodward Canyon Artist Series Cabernet Sauvignon, 2008

091From the cellar: And the Oscar goes to…


Sensational.  Magnificent.  Sumptuous.  (Should read like the excerpt review blurbs on a blockbuster. ) Astonishingly over-the-top brilliant.  Hands down the best American Cab Sauv I’ve ever had.  Seriously.  You would think California would dominate but in fact this is so refined, approachable, nuanced and even delicate as to wow the most jaded of connoisseurs.   Forget what the WA or WS wrote, just source a bottle and get on with it.  With apologies to Kool and the Gang, this is a party going on right here.


Found lying all by its lonesome in the cellar, neglected!  I think it came one Christmas.  Surreptitiously drank it only to time it as this blog’s 200th post.  What a celebration.


Price: Gifted.  How lucky.  But around $50 a bottle from the vineyard. (We saw the 2010 on a restaurant wine list for $115.)


Market Liquidity:  On the path to Nirvana.

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