Quinta da Crasto Old Vines, Douro Reserva, 2007

022From the cellar: Like curling up in satin sheets, sinfully luxurious, over-the-top delectable.  Drive you to alcoholism good.  We needed something “hot” to follow-up the Woodward Canyon, as well as a surprisingly good La Frenz Cab Sauv, and this got dusted off for a Sunday roast dinner.  Luscious.  It has a jammy spiciness, almost like chutney without the acid, but velveteen like a strained jelly.


Having said that I’m embarrassed to say that the Quinta do Crasto reserva is not in the spirit of this blog.  It was an impulse purchase (in April 2010), twice the cost of what we like to spend on a bottle, and riddled with “high point” praise, not our general arbiter for choice.  The 09 and a few 08s are available now, at the same price, and it’s all I can do to refrain from buying more.


Warm but not cozy.  Fulfilling but not filling.  Many other positive attributes you won’t read in educated wine columns but all of them meaning wonderful.


Price: $43 in 2010 at BC Liquor


Market Liquidity: I can get me some satisfaction.

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