Month: October 2013

  • Osoyoos Larose, Le Grand Vin, 2006

    From the cellar: The wine literati rarely return to the scene of their crimes, er, predictions.  Perhaps every wine they claim has legs to stay the course should be put in the vault to test the assumption.  This expensive vintage certainly didn’t merit the wait.  The “from the cellar” category on this blog is an […]

  • Sonoma-Cutrer, Sonoma Coast Chardonnay, 2011

    Too much money for not enough wine but wonderful wine nonetheless.  That’s not what you read in wine reviews because reviewers don’t pay after tax dollars for wine but as much as we liked this white—particularly its steely Chablis-ishness and its near-addictive mineral finish—we just couldn’t stomach the $24 USD (which converts to Canadian at […]

  • Basel Cellars Merlot, Pheasant Run Vineyards, 2009

    Superb in more ways than wine descriptors allow.  Not tame, too sweet or chalky.  Immensely likeable. Licorice, pepper on the palate with a cool and lingering cherry vanilla finish.  A magnificent mouthful. Decanted a dream.   Up in BC we like to revel in how far our wine industry has come (from Andres screw tops […]

  • Meyer, Okanagan Valley Chardonnay, 2012

    Meyer makes a host of upper-echelon bottles and then a second tier of affordable wines.  This falls into the latter.  But it’s lovely all the same.  Fresh, refreshing, flinty, non-oaked, lively and versatile.  The bottle claims it will improve to 2016.  Shurly shome mishtake?  This lacks a deep nose (or, put another way, has scant […]

  • Amalaya, Hess Salta Blend

    Exactly what we are on the hunt for: Hugely satisfying reds under $20.  While mostly Malbec, this gorgeous blend, if a little simple, is an Argentinian red from the up and coming Salta region (or at least, in BC, up and becoming available).  Paired perfect with meat (pork) as well as cheese and eggs.  Soft […]

  • Grgich Hills, Napa Valley Chardonnay, 2009

    From the cellar: (But, truthfully, it didn’t last long in the cellar.  I simply couldn’t resist.) This wine has never disappointed me.  It’s pricy, I only ever buy it marked down (so rarely, and only on jaunts south of the border), the connoisseurs tend to give it short shrift (I feel, like 90 points when […]

  • Niepoort Dialogo Douro, 2011

    Kudos to BC Liquor for buying quirky, interesting and novel whites that will never be high pointers or regular standbys.  This has an aromatic light perfume, blossoms and sub-acid fruit notes, an inch of cloying-ness, a not too subtle richness, and a sweetness that doesn’t linger too long.  A quirky and quixotic blend that would […]