Niepoort Dialogo Douro, 2011

005Kudos to BC Liquor for buying quirky, interesting and novel whites that will never be high pointers or regular standbys.  This has an aromatic light perfume, blossoms and sub-acid fruit notes, an inch of cloying-ness, a not too subtle richness, and a sweetness that doesn’t linger too long.  A quirky and quixotic blend that would be a good foil for any experts in your clique.


We sipped it with a Pissaladière (basically a strong cheese quiche) and it paired beautifully.  A little too much weight on its own, unless you are under an umbrella eating clams in the Costa do Sol.


If you like the adventure of wine, of discovering new varietals, or maybe just have an endless curiosity about viniculture, there are worse ways to blow 20 bucks.  Christ, we’d never even heard of the grapes that coalesced to produce this lovely vintage.  But just in terms of reviewing and liking and buying again, just in terms of sharing wine with friends and having a laugh, we found the Boutari a little more social (this is sort of Harold Lloyd, Boutari more Marx Bros).


Price: $19.99 at government stores.


Market Liquidity: Illogically good.

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