Amalaya, Hess Salta Blend

108Exactly what we are on the hunt for: Hugely satisfying reds under $20.  While mostly Malbec, this gorgeous blend, if a little simple, is an Argentinian red from the up and coming Salta region (or at least, in BC, up and becoming available).  Paired perfect with meat (pork) as well as cheese and eggs.  Soft on the palate, none of the stinging tannins that often come with Malbec.  As usual, we love blends, we love change in our pocket, and South America comes through with a lush, soft red, lingering tobacco, anise and moderate fruit.  Goes chocolate and cinnamon by the dregs.


Kudos for a) being readily available across the province and b) 14% alcohol when most of its kin are 14.5% and higher and c) priced below less palatable BC reds.


Price: $19.99 at BC Liquor.


Market Liquidity: Easy to like, easier to drink.

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