Basel Cellars Merlot, Pheasant Run Vineyards, 2009

006Superb in more ways than wine descriptors allow.  Not tame, too sweet or chalky.  Immensely likeable. Licorice, pepper on the palate with a cool and lingering cherry vanilla finish.  A magnificent mouthful. Decanted a dream.


Up in BC we like to revel in how far our wine industry has come (from Andres screw tops to Osoyoos LaRose) and how mature and diverse the viniculture is.  It’s true.  Long way baby, Virginia Slims long way.  Bang a drum.  Sing the anthem.  But here in the land of reality (i.e., after-tax income), as we slowly sample bottle after bottle of brilliant Washington State wine, at a fraction of the CDN price, it makes a mockery of the provincial hoopla.

Price: $22 USD.


Market Liquidity: Source it if you can.

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