Stoneleigh Marlborough Latitude Sauvignon Blanc, 2012

002Too many NZ Sauv Blancs and you see stars.  Take a break, open a fresh bottle, and it’s like Nirvana.  The good ones can transport you.  I remember having a basic Brancott at the Royal Opera in Covent Garden and it was if all the penguin suits and establishment elites melted away and James Cameron himself had lifted me to a lush green planet.  The only thing missing was castaway Mary Anne serving me a coconut cream pie.  (How did she ever make the dough?  Did the Professor have a butter churner, a grain silo and an oven rigged up?  I digress.)


The Latitude (the Lexus to Stoneleigh’s Toyota Sauv Bl) does not disappoint.  It’s like a distillation of everything NZ has brought to the table with SB and nothing weak or dispassionate about it.  I read a review that it wasn’t grassy but I couldn’t disagree more.  There was a green, pungent, haylike quality, lemon, guava, a hint of bitterness on the tongue washed away in a sweeter finish.  Gorgeous.  No complaints.


Price: $22 at BC Liquor


Market Liquidity: As invigorating as a brisk walk on a cool fall morning.

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