Yalumba “The Scribbler” Cabernet Sauvignon Shiraz, 2010

044Astonishingly generic.  The liquor store shelves are teeming with wines of this ilk, largely from Oz, but also South America and the Pacific Coast, CA to BC.  They range in price from about $16 to $29.  Most are alcohol heavy; 14%, 14.5% or higher and even 16% alcohol.  They have oak and vanilla and fruit and most are palatable and approachable without air or care.  Reviewers like them and recommend them.  What can I say about the Yalumba Scribbler? Not much you wouldn’t say about heaps of other similar red blends.  The problem is the problem: There is nothing unique or exciting.  It’s what you expect and that would suit most of the people most of the time so kudos to Yalumba for knowing the market and getting a good product onto the shelves.


If you drink wine without intention or interest or curiosity this might well be a perfect red.  Paired very nicely with a meaty risotto as well as some leftover roast, but drank well on its own, a tad tart with a sweet strawberry note over some more complex earthier scents and flavours.  But if you drink a variety of wines and enjoy the experience and the unexpected this is like a bus and truck version of Les Mis; forgettable and without the brilliance of the original.


Price: $26 at BC Liquor (although we scored it for $24)


Market Liquidity: Like power walking through a shopping mall.

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