Churchill’s Estates Meio Queijo Tinto Douro Red

055At the Wells in Hampstead on a Sunday for a roast lamb lunch we went out on a limb and got the Douro red.  It’s true some of the most interesting wines are coming out of Portugal right now, but in my limited experience I have had more misses than hits.  As for this blend from Churchill (one of the last independents), it was all hit.  A thick and succulent red, first and foremost leather, deep musky earthy overtones and a light oak vanilla on the finish, but not heavy, and although it was a perfect foil to red meat it didn’t drink like a Cab Sauv or Shiraz.  It was both enticing on the nose and palate.  Try to find it…


Price: $24 pounds in a restaurant


Market Liquidity: Like three cherries on the slots.

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