Month: December 2013

  • Stag’s Leap Napa County Merlot, 2010

    A huge disappointment despite the expert imploring us to buy a bottle.  Expensive (for our pockets), from a noted winery, much lauded by the wine establishment, but flat, tannic, chalky, flimsy bouquet, pasty finish, a poor sipper, dismal with a superb stuffed pork tenderloin.  Rather than go on about it I’ll just say never again. […]

  • Chateau de la Grande Gardiole, Chateauneuf-du-Pape, 2010

    A really light and lovely red, somewhat ethereal compared to expectations and recent heavy South American reds we’ve been drinking.  Cherry, vanilla, licorice, wood, sharp tannins which mellow on the palate, a long finish reminiscent of clove and rosewater.  This has time to spare; keep it on the shelf if you have a shelf (and […]

  • Carmen Gran Reserve Carmenere, 2011 & Falernia Carmenere, 2011

    So we did a cross-test with two easy to find Carmenere’s.  The Carmen Gran Reserve is a little more expensive, $24 usually, on sale for $22.  The Falernia comes in at $18.   The Carmen was potent and rich; chocolate, leather, pepper, tannic and oaky with a delectable finish and hugely satisfying.  But it also […]