Stag’s Leap Napa County Merlot, 2010

008A huge disappointment despite the expert imploring us to buy a bottle.  Expensive (for our pockets), from a noted winery, much lauded by the wine establishment, but flat, tannic, chalky, flimsy bouquet, pasty finish, a poor sipper, dismal with a superb stuffed pork tenderloin.  Rather than go on about it I’ll just say never again.


Price: $34 USD (and not worth the duty free allotment…)

Market Liquidity: Live and learn.

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  1. […] Not as magic as the Grgich Hill, although in the same price range.  A beautiful expression of California Chardonnay (you know, the hard hitting Chard; we call a lot of California Chards Hollywood White).  And, yes, a lovely white, although quite forward chilled and “friendlier” with air.  As it warmed the predominant oak gave way to hints of orange blossom and honeydew.  A touch more acidic than you would expect from Stag’s Leap; see a couple of our red reviews here and here. […]

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