Rioja Reserva, Muga, 2008

090This wine carries the weight of “significant” reviews and high points, trying to live up to the influence of the point scale.  But it also faces shelf space against myriad fine Spanish reds which have flooded the shelves the last few years.  And in both cases, our verdict is that it’s losing.


Sure, it’s an easy drinker.  But I would call it demure, if such a word has ever been used in a wine review, without the surprise, zing or luxe of so many competitors.  It would, most likely, please most of the people most of the time, with its simplicity, softness, and lovely finish.  But what of the flavour and depth and layers of interest most Rioja holds?  Scant.  We were hard pressed to even come up with six simple adjectives characterizing its drinkability. It is apparently mainly Grenache but it drank more Tempranillo.


If your rich uncle is buying, get a half case.  But if it’s your own pocketbook, I’d be inclined to spend ten bucks less for something just as good.


Price: $28 at BC Liquor


Market Liquidity: A good wine, not a great wine.

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