Stags’ Leap 2009 Napa Valley Petite Sirah

079AKA Shiraz.  Toxically good.  An arresting red with a sharp hook that is immediately appealing and alluring.  Minerally and medicinal, coarse berry notes, blackberry and black currant, pepper and the sort of concord grape juice flavour you might get in a jelly candy.  But without the sweet; this is dry dry.


There is an earthiness to this wine, something that seems unchanged over time.  When we were in South Africa a few years back, the Cape had a lot of red wines which tasted as though the Huguenots who brought the oak and vines were still plodding about in the fields, as if we’d left all the Vinotopia tinkering behind and were left with just good craft.  This vintage was like that experience; it drank like a find at an antique market.  Not what we were expecting, not soft and eloquent and airbrushed to elicit the points and esteem.  Although worthy of course.  See our stunningly reverse experience with a mediocre Stags Leap here.009


Price: A hefty $40 USD.  But it was after all in keeping with the Christmas spirit.


Market Liquidity: Oldy Worldy in a good way.

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