Cellar Hand Punch Down Red, 2011

015Our current go-to weekday red.  Here it is out the door for recycling; it went too fast for me to get a picture…  A “lesser” red from the notable Black Hills winery, this is a fabulous everyday wine, easy to drink, not remarkable but certainly better than the meagre 87 points local reviewer Gismondi gave it.  Just enough vanilla and just enough tobacco leaf that you are neither in the bowl (e.g., Cab Franc) or in the bakery (e.g., Pinot).  Too bad more BC vintners can’t make a secondary wine as approachable as this; millions would stop the Oz/South Africa/Spain/Chile habit overnight.  No, it’s not Black Hills Nota Bene.  But after a long day at the office who cares?  No guilt finishing a bottle mid-week.  As I say, we simply can’t help ourselves plonking down less than $20 for a bottle this drinkable.


This wine is perfect for the “winter is going on too long and we want to drink lighter wines but are still eating wintery food” mood.  It hints at spring but is up to the task for a braise.  Although a lightish blend, it has even stood up to meaty pizza.  Ridiculously good value for BC, where even the most basic blends chime in at ten dollars more.


Price: $19.87 at BC Liquor


Market Liquidity: Makes you feel patriotic.

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