Stag’s Leap Karia Chardonnay, 2011

009Not as magic as the Grgich Hill, although in the same price range.  A beautiful expression of California Chardonnay (you know, the hard hitting Chard; we call a lot of California Chards Hollywood White).  And, yes, a lovely white, although quite forward chilled and “friendlier” with air.  As it warmed the predominant oak gave way to hints of orange blossom and honeydew.  A touch more acidic than you would expect from Stag’s Leap; see a couple of our red reviews here and here.


If money is no object, you can do better at this price point, but that doesn’t detract from the accomplishment.  We weren’t totally won over and when we shell out $40 we like to be won over.


Price: $40 at an LCBO in Toronto.


Market Liquidity: Accomplished but not an accomplishment.

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