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March 28, 2014

Clos de Chacras, Cabernet Sauvignon, 2007

163Complex, mysterious, and worth savouring. Superbly evocative of the varietal.


We had an “episode” with the cork, so I started with negative bias. We had to decant, then aerate through a sieve, and there was still a slightly sour note on the palate as well as a soupcon of cork. But it mellowed, it opened up, and over the course of a few hours (if you can make it last that long) it evolved into the most interesting Argentinean red we’ve had since returning from, yes, Argentina.


If you purposely open a Cab Sauv you are probably hoping for depth and nuance combined, something like a sledge hammer red with a feather flourish. And this comes pretty damn close. It started uneasy but finished with a wallop of distinct flavours and scents: Cedar, black currant, licorice, vanilla notes. I was torn ($32 bottle and all) but I have to say it would definitely be worth the coin a second go round.


Price: $31.99 at Everything Wine


Market Liquidity: A miracle from Mendoza.

March 28, 2014

La Frenz Naramata Bench Viognier, 2012

161In another of our “revisiting recent vintages of wines we loved” week we sampled a newer La Frenz Viognier. In our review of the 2011 Viognier we went rather ga-ga, oohing and awing at the wonder of it all. Well, hmm, yeah. I don’t think there are any apologies in order but while we also liked this, liked it a lot, there weren’t too many raised eyebrows or conceited smirks at our vini-prowess. The 2012 is sort of Steven Wright to the 2011 Seinfeld.


Price: From the vineyard. $22 I think.


Market Liquidity: Pleasant and palatable.

March 28, 2014

La Stella Fortissimo, 2011

158We spent the week revisiting newer vintages of wines we reviewed with high praise in the past. This pick has held up beautifully; still strong, assertive, gobs of fruit and lusciously food friendly. We drank it down with a sharp flavoured cheese souffle and steamed vegetables. Not much to add to the first review, the 2009, here, except that given the years gone by the (expensive) price tag has held steady. Still wonderful, still too much money.


Price: $37.99 at Libations and other private stores.


Market Liquidity: Will impress the in-laws.