Château D’Agassac Haut-Médoc, 2005

015From the cellar: This blog is littered with complaints about the supposed brilliance of the over-hyped, over-priced, 05 Bordeaux—but not in this post. We had low expectations, it wasn’t a prime suspect by Parker. But the CDA was velvet smooth, hints of cedar, hay, dark fruit, pepper and with a lingering elegant finish. Tannin free. Worth every GigaWatt it takes to run the cellar. The most spectacular piece was simply how layered each flavour was, nothing harsh or biting and no competition between discrete notes.


We had it with an archetypal French dish: Chicken, shallots and tarragon simmered in a white wine and Dijon sauce. Delectable.


Price: No record. Expensive. It’s Canada after all.


Market Liquidity: Like a blue chip stock.

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