Château Olivier Blanc, Pessac-Léognan, 2006

012From the cellar: I had to get the all season tires from the crawl space, which is no small feat, and of course once I’m down there I can’t resist handling the wines that are purposely out of reach. So two bottles Bordeaux blessed our weekend.


From the fridge this was too cold, crisp and fresh but character-free. With warmth and air it opened beautifully, first steely, Semillon-ish, then floral, like the spring blossoms carpeting the streets this time of year, and a lovely honey finish. What possessed us to buy a $40 bottle of Graves is a mystery but it went down without any qualms.  Hard for us to justify the price but we much-appreciated the expertise of this expert blend.


Price: $39 in 2009.


Market Liquidity: Worth the storage? Moot point.

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