Serge Dagueneau & Filles Pouilly Fume, Tradition, 2011

1592You meet someone at a party. Have a nice chat. Two days later you meet them on the street and can’t remember their name. That is this wine. It represents PF fine, has a toasty flair more smoke than grass, and warms to a gentle floral bouquet, there is really nothing offensive. It shows none of the forward notes of, say, a good Sancerre, and drank well with fish, but it has nothing strikingly unique or wonderful or worthy of the price tag. And this is their base model; BC Liquor has a $40 bottle of their “finer” PF.  As much as we adore the Loire, pass.


Price: $30 at BC Liquor


Market Liquidity: More like a fad than a fashion.

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