Qupé “Bien Nacido Reserve-Block Eleven” Santa Maria Valley Chardonnay, 2010

111A vineyard that does very little wrong and when they bottle something spectacular, like this gorgeous expression of new world Chardonnay, it’s beyond the wow factor. Very and utterly California. You could be on a lounger in July in Healdsburg (even in the cold Vancouver rain). Lots of crisp gun metal acidity, heaps of sharp citrus fruit flavours, heavy but not dominant oak, an enticing vanilla cream finish.


Qupé is hard to find in Vancouver (Marquis and Legacy have both carried bottles in the past, and pricey), but when friends went to California recently I cajoled them into getting a few bottles as a favor.


Price: $30 USD in California.


Market Liquidity: A contender, not a pretender.

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