Haywire White Label Pinot Noir, 2012

It smells like Pinot. It looks like Pinot. It says on the label Pinot. But what a disappointment. Too bad; at 12.4 per cent alcohol (where am I, France?) and a budget conscious $23, I had my hopes up. But what a letdown on the palate, thin and acidic and wanting. What non-oeno words come to mind? Shallow, a shadow of the real thing, ribbon for achievement. Haywire does make a high end Pinot, the Canyonview, at almost twice the price (and twice as hard to find) so all I can imagine is that this is half the wine. Haywire is a sincere venture and I want to support their wines so I won’t belabor the review but this just didn’t cut it.

Haywire Pinot Noir

This review is part of a mixed box of “award-winning” VQA wines we picked up in Penticton recently. What a slew of less than stellar bottles. When most of what you drink is WA, OR, CA, France, Australia, South America, well, you get the picture, when most of the wine you are drinking happens to be pretty great, it’s sad and distressing to shell out the big bucks for OK vino…


Price: $23 at the VQA stores.


Market Liquidity: Into the stew pot.

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