La Frenz Chardonnay, Freedom 75 Vineyard, 2013

La Frenz Chard 2013Good. Enjoyable. Great value. Opens up to a mellow, not too brash Chardonnay that is easy sipping and wonderful to share. But…


Not as good as previous vintages. We get a mixed case each year—despite not being in the VQA club, La Frenz makes some great wine—so anticipation runs high. This year’s bottling lacks the length and legs of even last year; it drinks young, bright, subtle oak and stone fruit with a soft buttery finish. Really, I’m not complaining. We had some fresh, raw pecans and it came alive, Pop, amazing. A beautiful nose, which seemed to us to promise a bit more than it delivers.  Bonus: No Wolf Blass Yellow Label after taste.


Would we buy it again? In a heartbeat; La Frenz is great value. It’s just we hold the bar pretty high, and the 2013 couldn’t quite limbo as low as 2012 if you know what I mean.


Price: An extremely reasonable $22 from the vineyard.


Market Liquidity: Obviously, quality comes in many guises, VQA be damned.

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