Teso La Monja, Romanico Toro 2011

The bottle was recycled!  Oh well, tummy rub...
The bottle was recycled! Oh well, tummy rub…

Based on “91” point  review hoopla we bought half a case. Mistake? If I’d posted this review at bottle one it would be a bomb. Why bother? And in fact I’ve read a few blogs that found this bottle more hype than heaven.  But at bottle five we hit a sweet spot: We served it with sausage risotto. Spicy pork sausage, tomatoes, basil, Parmesan. Heaven. It’s funny how wine is like that: You need to find its niche. This wine didn’t work with a lot of food but when we found a strong, pungent, demonstrative main it came into its own. Hurrah! One more bottle left.


Vanilla, oak, smooth and a fine berry finish. Dreamily satisfactory; worth another half case.


Price: An extremely affordable 20 something when in the US.


Market Liquidity: It rose to the occasion.

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