Young & Wyse, Black Sheep Blend, 2011

Truthfully, a disappointment. Fruit forward and to the point of being sour. The notes of a better wine but the finish of something half-hearted.  See also our disappointing notes on the Haywire White Label Pinot

Young & Wyse

Applauded and loved by many so maybe we’re in the minority. It completely paled toa a home-made pizza which any similar New World blend should have shined against. We switched mid-meal to a Bench 775 Cab-Merlot; better, much, much, better, and two per cent lower in alcohol to boot!  The Black Sage is also a good alternative for a hearty pizza-friendly blend, less acidic, more food friendly.


Price: $24 at the VQA stores.


Market Liquidity: Once was enough.

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