Haywire Switchback Pinot Gris, 2012

Now we’re talking. A gorgeous expression of the varietal. This is not your wafer thin mild mannered verging on banal PG that you’ve been offered at gallery soirees. This is like an artisanal PG.

haywire pinot gris

On the palate, pleasing, pungent, with forward notes of citrus fruits mellowed by an assertive but enticing minerality. We just loved this. Every drop. Witness the pic of an empty bottle.  On a hot day with a cold supper it was magic. The pinkish hue might even fool your guests.


Which leads me to our seasonal protest: 2014 is the summer we say “Screw Rosé.” There are so many better more interesting options. The Rosé push always seems to me a little Beaujolais Nouveau-ish. The Haywire PG is a perfect patio option. [Cut it with the alliteration already!] It will be part of our agitprop radicalism. Until of course we fall in love with Shiraz again in September. Or whatever.


Line this sucker up with a cross section of the Italian PG dross at BC Liquor and see what has legs and what doesn’t.


Price: $23 at the VQA stores.


Market Liquidity: Pretty poetic.

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