Jim Barry The Lodge Hill Shiraz, 2011

848When we discovered the Cover Drive Cab Sauv we thought we’d died and gone to heaven. It was rich and satisfying, went well at many dinner parties with braises and roasts, always seemed to seduce Aus no-gos. Then we discovered it at $10 cheaper in the US, and brought it back on several trips and probably drank it too much. Then, as with so many wines, we moved on. So on the merit of Mr. Barry’s lovely “other” red, we bought on a whim this Shiraz on the way to a BBQ. And what a letdown.

It just didn’t have the flair or luxe qualities we expected, anticipated, desired. Our current go-to, Cellar Hand, was more than burger-perfect and several dollars less. Worse, the gorgeous smooth velvet texture you are virtually guaranteed in Oz Shiraz was completely absent; strong tannins and an abrasive chalky finish. We left a third in the bottle. Too much money for not enough plonk.

Price: $29 at BC Liquor.


Market Liquidity: Disinterested.


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