Month: August 2014

  • Ridge East Bench Zinfandel, 2012

    Screw methadone. We have found our drug of choice. It’s not on Schedule I. It’s not on Schedule II. But it damn well could be. We haven’t found a wine this interesting, luxurious or addictive since the Woodward Canyon a year or so ago. Although I haven’t tried the BulletProof diet, where strong coffee and […]

  • Domaine Lafage Tesselae Old Vine Carignan, 2012

    This is the sort of red that Robert Parker loves. Let him love it. It’s pure, 100 per cent Carignan, which in BC makes it something of a rarity and a talking point. But the 15 per cent alcohol, the heady fruit notes, the nearly fortified wine-ness of it all, we found it tedious and […]

  • La Frenz Ensemble, Semillon Sauvignon Blanc, 2011

    A very accomplished blend. A thoughtful blend. Not too Sem, not to Sauv Bl. We get at least one mixed case a year from La Frenz: Their wines are reasonably priced and good quality. But we rarely drink them thinking about them. With each sip, this wine was a Cartesian brain teaser: How much Sauv […]

  • Hickinbotham Shiraz Cabernet, 2009, RIP

    Rest in Peace. Gone but not forgotten.   From the cellar: One of our long time favorites. Expertise in the blend, immediately approachable, in that magic under$20 range, and never failed to wow at home or away. Sure, it wasn’t Ridge or Woodward Canyon, but on a weeknight, as an impromptu host gift, as a […]

  • Chateaux Rousselle, 2009

    Well, it ain’t Haut-Guiraud but it’s a decent if over-expressive Côtes de Bourg. If this was a person I would ask them to take off that loud Versace embroidered chain mail jacket and let me see the subtle well-tailored shirt underneath. You want this wine to be the wine it could be but your judgement […]

  • Haywire Canyon View Pinot Noir, 2011

    What Haywire puts out on a gray label tends to be better than their white. In my experience, the gray is drinkable. ‘Nuff said. The 2012 PN has something of a reputation and sold out with some rapidity. The 2011, although hard to find, can still be found with some effort. I’m not going to […]

  • Blue Mountain Chardonnay, 2012

    A fine and exemplary example of Okanagan Chardonnay. Reasonably priced. Not brilliant, not bad.   And here’s where I don’t review the Sandhill Small Lots Chardonnay, a steely expression of the varietal that is uncompromising and almost hostile in its forward-ness. But by golly is it expensive. The small lots program we love, in general. […]

  • Tantalus Old Vines Riesling, 2011

    Bone dry. Stunningly layered, crisp to the point of crackle, acid to the point of piquant, lusciously long finish. Really delectable and not typically Riesling by any stretch. Again, a wonderful bottle from Tantalus. Their approachable entry level (somewhat hard to find) Riesling has, I might add, a more flexible character, whether for sipping or […]