Blue Mountain Chardonnay, 2012

A fine and exemplary example of Okanagan Chardonnay. Reasonably priced. Not brilliant, not bad.

Sorry for the group shot. The BM Chardonnay is second left. The Sandhill, also in the back.


And here’s where I don’t review the Sandhill Small Lots Chardonnay, a steely expression of the varietal that is uncompromising and almost hostile in its forward-ness. But by golly is it expensive. The small lots program we love, in general. Here are some past reviews Sandhill Barbera, Cabernet Syrah, Small Lots One. But the SL program is indicative of two things in BC: A producer comes up with a good wine and jacks up the price. And, second, what is becoming my motto:


BC Wines Are Overpriced. Period.


Small lots wines that were once $30 are now $40. I guess the sky is the limit. Down south, it seems CA wineries can charm your pants off under $30. Ridge has a raft of wines under $30, none of which any BC wine under $30 could hold a candle to.


Thanks God for Blue Mountain. Even their “expensive” Pinot Noir is heads and tails better than so many pricier rivals. And their approachable Chardonnay, with all the nuances of a fine California Chard, is neither overpowering nor inhospitable. Light oak, a dry walnut nuttiness, layers of citrus with a buttery, long and satisfying finish. Sure, it’s not Grgich Hills, but you know what? Blue Mountain seems to know what it’s all about; it’s like most BC vintners are adolescents, in irritating transition, and Blue has just figured out how to pull their act together.


Sorry for the editorial. As usual, you don’t need to read the reviews at all in fact; the Liquidity blurb that graces each post at bottom is in essence the review in a headline.


Price: $26 at Everything Wine.


Market Liquidity: No whoa or wow, just mmm mmm good.

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