Chateaux Rousselle, 2009

Well, it ain’t Haut-Guiraud but it’s a decent if over-expressive Côtes de Bourg. If this was a person I would ask them to take off that loud Versace embroidered chain mail jacket and let me see the subtle well-tailored shirt underneath. You want this wine to be the wine it could be but your judgement is clouded by whack-a-mole headiness.


The 14.5% alcohol is markedly Californian. All shock and awe. The blast of flavour on the tongue dissipates to rounder, deeper, leather and berry flavours that are positively captivating. But to get there you have to wade through this cloak of alcohol and tannins. Amazing that the 2009 still has so far to go but it does.


Nothing “wrong” with this able red, it stood up to ribs well, but nothing to write home about either.


Price: Gifted, a very nice gift, but we would pass on the nearly $30 for another bottle.


Market Liquidity: What’s the old WASP adage? Put on all your jewelry. Then take one piece off.

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