Hickinbotham Shiraz Cabernet, 2009, RIP


Rest in Peace. Gone but not forgotten.


From the cellar: One of our long time favorites. Expertise in the blend, immediately approachable, in that magic under$20 range, and never failed to wow at home or away. Sure, it wasn’t Ridge or Woodward Canyon, but on a weeknight, as an impromptu host gift, as a party favorite, it fit the bill and then some. Not now: In all its corporate wisdom, BC Liquor has made the decision to discontinue this versatile and much-loved bottle. Over-stocked in “Bottled in BC” dross, but no room for the simpler (and finer) things in life. So it goes at our provincial corporate enterprise.


One of our very first reviews was the Hickenbotham. Our sentimental ruminations kept the blog alive! I found this last, lonely bottle lying down in the cellar. Like a long lost friend.


Price: $19.99, once upon a time.


Market Liquidity: Memories.

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