Month: September 2014

  • Verso Rosso Salento, 2013

    Local reviewer Anthony Gismondi wrote: “Wow. Delicious soft round juicy red…colour is dark, the nose spicy, the palate southern Italian rustic but with smoky, silky textures.” A little tight with his points, he gave it 89. This is my take: Wow. BC Liquor has shelves full of mediocre Italian reds, woebegone whites, and at prices […]

  • Blue Mountain Pinot Gris, 2012

    Nichol Pinot Gris: Our go-to all summer long. If you can find it, it hovers around $22 plus or minus. Lovely, crisp, gorgeous on the patio, has the stamina for gazpacho, cold meats and cheeses. Great party wine. Guests who don’t know wine always like the pale copper hue and the fruit finish. The acidity […]

  • Il Grigio da San Felice, Chianti Classico Reserva, 2009

    From the cellar: Jesus Christ and the twelve apostles. This could be the holy sacrament. I bought a few bottles to lay down nine months ago and couldn’t wait to try one. Ooh la la. True, it’s Sangiovese, and that’s the grape you get into verbal tousles over. I like it, but find it (in […]

  • Penfolds Yattarna Chardonnay, 2006

    From the cellar: Quite sensational, particularly as it warmed to room temperature. We’ve been drinking high on the hog lately and I guess this is a pretty high hog. To my uneducated palate, I couldn’t discern much difference from the 20 year old Montelena we sampled down in California a while back. Steely, crisp, acidic, […]

  • Summerhill Organic Riesling, 2013

    Highly rated.  True, it ticks a lot of my wonts too: Low alcohol (8.6%), perfect lunch wine; gorgeous, rich, floral flavours and long finish; inexpensive; expertly crafted; organic to boot.  But it has that German slash Alscace style, you immediately think of Pierre Sparr and then wonder if it’s as great as you think it […]

  • Ridge Carignane, Buchignani Ranch, 2012

    More novelty than satisfaction. From the vineyard that can do no wrong, this “lesser” grape gets a stand-up performance, 100% Carignane, but still it feels like wearing old comfortable jeans and not the dressed up no wrinkles nothing out of place reds that pour forth from Ridge with alarming consistency. Hugh Johnson once wrote rather […]

  • Woodward Canyon Nelms Road Merlot, 2012

    Good Merlot. That’s about it. Good Merlot—and you know what Merlot tastes like. Ever since Sideways we’ve either become inured or in love with Merlot. The Nelm’s Rd has all the typical attributes, the soft tannins, vanilla, light oak, ripe cherry. It’s there. It’s what you expect. It’s just not in any way that interesting. […]

  • DeLoach Russian River Chardonnay, 2012

    Chain mail. It has a steely front, a stony note, and a gun metal finish. Piquant, but not pleasantly so. This hard hitting granite-like style of Chardonnay reaches an apex with, e.g., (the 2½ times the price) Grgich Hills. A wine we love to drink but not to buy… And the De Loach gets a […]