Summerhill Organic Riesling, 2013

Highly rated.  True, it ticks a lot of my wonts too: Low alcohol (8.6%), perfect lunch wine; gorgeous, rich, floral flavours and long finish; inexpensive; expertly crafted; organic to boot.  But it has that German slash Alscace style, you immediately think of Pierre Sparr and then wonder if it’s as great as you think it should be.


There was a local restaurant here a few years back for which the entire wine list was Riesling.  The chef believed that Riesling was a grape much maligned and for which could suit almost any food.  I’m inclined to agree.  The public, alas, not so much.  The restaurant closed swiftly.  But Riesling really is that beautiful and diverse.  And here, in this very fine example, I give it its due.  But I will add: There is a cloying sweetness that pairs with Asian foods a charm but somehow is just to juice-forward for sipping.


If you can find it, buy it, try it, “friend” Summerhill, by all means give this its due.  But I will decline a half case.


Price: Difficult to source.  In Vancouver, $27 at Legacy, $20 at the Vineyard and (the prize goes to) $20 at Mud Bay.  Thank you Mud Bay!


Market Liquidity: Agonizingly old school, but in a good way.

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