Woodward Canyon Nelms Road Merlot, 2012

Good Merlot. That’s about it. Good Merlot—and you know what Merlot tastes like. Ever since Sideways we’ve either become inured or in love with Merlot. The Nelm’s Rd has all the typical attributes, the soft tannins, vanilla, light oak, ripe cherry. It’s there. It’s what you expect. It’s just not in any way that interesting.


We all liked it. It’s enjoyable, it’s social, it’s not too much dough. But put on your “reviewer” cap and it pales to a lot of other bottles in this price range. So there you have it: Nice.


Price: Under $20 in the US if you can source it.  I’ve never seen it in Canada.


Market Liquidity: Did I ever tell you how the ground shook when we had the Woodward Canyon Cab Sauv? This is like Godfather 3.

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