Vega Moragona La Duna, Tempranillo, 2010

A little piquant and not in a good way. And that, my friends, is me scraping the barrel for something critical. Who can complain at this price point? This evocative Tempranillo is an astonishingly good value. Amazingly good value. $17 at the Ontario liquor store. Wonders never cease.


Big, broad, brash. Fruity, smoky, elegant. A weird clash of good and bad wine words the pros use. So little to complain about, so much to enjoy. Absolutely lovely. Did I mention $3 change for a $20? Unheard of in BC.


Price: $16.95 in Toronto at LLBO stores.


Market Liquidity: Mr. Ford: Better than crack. (Sorry, couldn’t resist.)

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3 responses to “Vega Moragona La Duna, Tempranillo, 2010”

  1. Have you tried the 2006 Monasterio? Okay, it’s only 20% Tempranillo, mostly Grenache, but is $14. It’s pretty good for the price.

    • I haven’t but I will. The values from Spain right now are mind boggling. And when you do spend an extra $10 you really increase the wow factor. Thanks for the tip.

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