La Frenz Montage, 2011

The last Montage we had was a 2008 I found tucked away in the “cellar.” Nectar from the gods; so nice I reviewed it twice. To say the expectations were high for a more recent vintage was the understatement of our holiday weekend. The 11 did not sustain the affair. Sad to say, we have gone our separate ways. It drank simpler, harsher, and with a sour note that was food unfriendly, even with braised vegetables, mild cheese and cured meats. Truthfully, we would have been better off with their always reliable Chardonnay.


La Frenz is a non-VQA winery that is worth at least a case, year after year, and rarely disappoints. Although not every bottle is stellar they are almost always satisfying, which, pretty much, is all the average person is looking for in a wine. I don’t want to rain on the parade, but in a way it kind of saddened us to have a bomb.


Price: From the vineyard, $22.


Market Liquidity: It was swell while it lasted.

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