Valenciso Reserva, 2007

In a trio of Tempranillo’s we quaffed a few weeks back this took the prize. True, the Moraqona La Duna was better value, but this had an astounding wow factor that really lends itself to impressing guests. Deep, dark, ruby red, with luscious notes of spice (cinnamon, mace), cherry, the smell of an old wood cabin. Light with the fruit, dark with the tannins. Sheer pleasure. Although I will tell you one thing: It wasn’t as food friendly as the $17 La Duna. Funny. But rather than belabor the superlatives, if you need some fireworks for the holiday season, and don’t mind parting with double what I like to spend on a bottle, get a case. Or two.


Price: An unfortunate $40 but readily available at BC Liquor.


Market Liquidity: Delectable.


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