Month: December 2014

  • Ch. Saint-Roch Cotes du Roussillon Villages, Kerbuccio, 2011

    From the cellar: Last summer, summer 2013, we came back from a weekend in the US with our wine allotment of four bottles of Maury Sec.  Not that I would know Maury Sec from Maury Povich.  A “villages” wine to boot.  Laid them down.  Being the holiday, the time to pop the cork on special […]

  • Laguna Russian River Chardonnay, 2012

    We bought half a case on spec.   Bottle 1: My notes were uniformly unimpressed. At the start, on the palate, predictable. California Chardonnay. I’ll take my oak IV today. Yawn.   Bottle 2: Hey, with a little air, with a little rise in temperature, some small sips with neutral nibbles, this white really popped. […]

  • Best BC White of the Year

    It could have been the Haywire Switchback PG. Swoon. De-lovely. The silver label Haywire is the Switchback. But the huge disappointment that came with the white label Haywire (sorry, White Label) was a strike against it. Bleach. Here’s our brown-nose review of the Switchback; we rejected and didn’t review the White. Also the Haywire Bub, […]

  • Best Value Red of the Year

    When BCL discontinued the Hickinbotham so began a fierce hunt for an under $20 replacement. And it came not from South America, Spain or Portugal, but Italy. Who woulda thunk it? Thank you Verso Rosso Salento. Here’s the review. Technically, it’s been pointed out that since Canada discontinued the one cent piece, a $19.99 wine […]

  • Best BC Red Wine of the Year

    It should have been the (SUPERB) Blue Mountain Pinot Noir (which is not reviewed on this site, much to my chagrin). Which we hunted down relentlessly, bought by the half bottle when in the end the full bottles were nowhere to be found, generally paid too much for it, paid far too much for it […]

  • Osoyoos Larose Le Grand Vin, 2009

    From the Cellar: No two bit wine blogger is going to have a whisper of impact on this wine which consistently and persistently tops reviewer’s hot lists and best of lists. If BC wine is a mafia family this is Tony Soprano. This is the Don. This is the be-all red. So, yes, it’s overwhelmingly […]

  • Costamolino Argiolas, Vermentino, 2013

    Refreshing like being a kid running through a sprinkler. Crisp, cool, clean. Dry, delightful. No-nonsense but hugely enjoyable. This is a white that gets things done. Spectacularly paired with a vegetable stew (zucchini, turnip, parsnip, spinach, potato, green and cannellini beans, celery, carrot and a dollop of pesto). But I think if you were nibbling […]

  • Secateurs Red Blend, 2011

    Wonderful everyday wine. Pungent, smooth, light vanilla, red berries, easy drinking. Paired with homemade pizza a charm. Their Chenin was our “favorite label” of 2013. We found it by accident at Everything Wine for under $30. For the price, I think we can do better, but online I see it’s a bargain south of the […]

  • Best White of 2014: Ridge Mikulaco Chardonnay, 2011

    From the Cellar: We had six bottles from last year.  I drank it, reviewed it, and missed it sorely.  Then, this week, I found a hold out!  Spectacular.  This is where I insert the link to my review, which is not as over the top as I was on this “bin end” and, truthfully, a […]

  • Punto Final Malbec, 2013

    Flat, sour, unmemorable, although not undrinkable. We got it down.  But probably the most disappointing red in a few months (especially if you’ve followed some of the spectacular reds we’ve blogged this fall).   Price: $16 at BC Liquor, $20 at Kitsilano Wine Cellar   Market Liquidity: It’s an also ran.