Buty 2012, Columbia Valley White Blend

009Let’s put aside the silly name. And it is silly, even though Nina Buty was a real person. But it’s like an actor called Montgomery Profile or Sissy Sexy. But the wine isn’t any laughing matter: Luscious, heady, aromatic. A mix of Semillon (62%), Sauvignon (21%) and Muscadelle (you do the math). Innovative and hugely appealing. What is especially elegant is the strong, metallic Semillon, so forward, kept perfectly in balance by the shot of Muscadelle sweetness. There are expressive green teas blended with herbs that are as clever as this wine. It’s like a serve and volley, a deft ball out wide followed by a touch at the net. The label reads “can keep a decade”; well, good luck with that. Stood strong against a cheese soufflé.


Price: Gifted. A Google search shows $25 USD direct from the vineyard.


Market Liquidity: One big beauty. You could smell that a mile off…

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  1. I was at Taste Washington in March in Seattle. Buty was there and they have killer reds too. Not cheap mind you. There were several great reds that were inexpensive. Kiona Cab Sav was incredible and is $20. Buty isn’t trying to be clever with the name. There’s another Washington winery called Betz (also good stuff). I’ll take Buty and the Betz anyday!

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