Best BC Red Wine of the Year

026It should have been the (SUPERB) Blue Mountain Pinot Noir (which is not reviewed on this site, much to my chagrin). Which we hunted down relentlessly, bought by the half bottle when in the end the full bottles were nowhere to be found, generally paid too much for it, paid far too much for it in restaurants, it should have bee the BM PN which we loved, but it is not the Blue Mountain Pinot. Or the Blue Mountain Reserve Pinot. In the end, Nk’ Mip Talon, a much more aggressive, assertive and determined red, red blend, won our hearts over the varietal we drank more of.  Oh Blue Mountain: You send me a free shipping coupon two months after your Pinot is sold out.  How frustrating is that?  Plus, the Talon, easier on our pocket books. And, wonderfully, you can find it almost anywhere. Review here.

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