Costamolino Argiolas, Vermentino, 2013

Costamolino Vermentino 2013

Refreshing like being a kid running through a sprinkler. Crisp, cool, clean. Dry, delightful. No-nonsense but hugely enjoyable. This is a white that gets things done. Spectacularly paired with a vegetable stew (zucchini, turnip, parsnip, spinach, potato, green and cannellini beans, celery, carrot and a dollop of pesto). But I think if you were nibbling on pistachios, if you had fried sardines with an arugula side, if you were sharing fish and vegetarian tapas, this is a go-to delight. It is not heavy, overbearing or (for better or worse) impressive; your vino-expert friends may find this too every-day and mock you. This will not wow. But oh lovely Tuesday; at 13.5%, a light and unoaked and very fragrant white will brighten your day. I can’t wait to try it out with Thai and Indian. Try it on a cool, dark, stormy winter night with a non-winter dish. It’s like vitamin D for the soul. Then buy half a case for June. No qualms at the price point either.


Price: $20 at BC Liquor.  Cheaper elsewhere in Canada.  Ludicrously illegal to ship across Canada at the cheaper price…


Market Liquidity: Add Sardinia to the bucket list.


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