Osoyoos Larose Le Grand Vin, 2009

From the Cellar: No two bit wine blogger is going to have a whisper of impact on this wine which consistently and persistently tops reviewer’s hot lists and best of lists. If BC wine is a mafia family this is Tony Soprano. This is the Don. This is the be-all red.

Osoyoos Larose Le Grand Vin 2009

So, yes, it’s overwhelmingly majestic, powerful, impressive, deeply considered, with a heavy hitting Bordeaux blast. I struggled to side with Beppi Crosario in the Globe who slavered over it with a stunning 92 point assessment. I couldn’t see (based on my nominal experience in France tasting Bordeaux) that it was as layered, nuanced, or elegant as the rarities I’ve been fortunate to sample in Pessac-Leognan or Pauillac. We were gifted this pricey bottle a while back and took it out for a celebration. Absolutely no complaints. But, frankly, it’s been there done that for me. Hype can do that.


Price: No idea, but Google claims $45 in BC.


Market Liquidity: Bucket list: Check.

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