Month: January 2015

  • Gigondas d’Ouréa, 2012

    Look at us, drinking Gigondas. Must have won the lottery. This is, absolutely and unequivocally a gorgeous expression of French wine making, and yet another testament to how the Rhone can waver between old school and cutting edge without a whiff of pretense. No oak. “Say whaaaaaaat?” I hear Mr. Parker say. Soft, velvet, velveteen, […]

  • Pewsey Vale Riesling, 2013

    We discovered the PV at Chambar, a lovely (sort of ) Belgian themed restaurant in Vancouver which moved down a few spots last year into a gorgeous new loft space. They sell the PV by the glass. $14. Ouch. However, it’s astonishingly good and hugely food friendly.  It’s great to see such a wonderful wine […]

  • Clos du Soleil Celestiale, 2012

    It has something of a rough hewn log; a palatable blend that isn’t perfectly balanced. All the lovely notes, from violets and oak to heartier fruits, are there, to some degree, but not in equilibrium. We found it drank a little “easier” as a sipper than with food. In the end it was just to […]

  • Giudicelli Patrimonio Rouge, 2011

    Wine from Corsica. How refreshing is that? I feel like Kermit Lynch is stocking my cellar. But he’s not. The vagaries of the BC Liquor distribution branch weighed against strategically staged trips to Seattle are a battle of wits and the only way to bear the repetitive boredom and ludicrous prices of wine in BC. […]

  • Sea Cider Pippins cider & Cambremer Cidre de Tradition

    Cider seems to be surfing in the backdraft of the craft beer revolution. But there are a lot of old school bottles, if cider is your thing, you don’t need to go all hipster. For example, if you Google Silex and France you are likely to turn up Sancerre, but there is in fact an […]

  • Cava Pere Mata Cupada No 15

    You’re in Barcelona. It’s 5 p.m. Dinner isn’t until 10 (and that’s the earliest reservation you could get). You do what any sane Spaniard would do: Settle in for some tapas at a local bar along with a few glasses of wine. Let’s pretend they serve the Cupada No 15. You could do worse. Much […]