Cava Pere Mata Cupada No 15

Cupada No 15

You’re in Barcelona. It’s 5 p.m. Dinner isn’t until 10 (and that’s the earliest reservation you could get). You do what any sane Spaniard would do: Settle in for some tapas at a local bar along with a few glasses of wine. Let’s pretend they serve the Cupada No 15. You could do worse. Much worse.


As in the cloying, heavy, often sweet and totally forgettable sparklers that take second string to cold omelettes, fish fritters and hard cheese.


Pungent, strikingly dry, and with a freakishly phony fruit aroma, this is a lovely Cava not in the tradition of, say, Segura Vidas (or whatever plonk your local has on the shelf). At a mere 11.5% it’s also ideal to accompany later afternoon tapas. Or a Sunday brunch. If you can’t bear the virtue of a dry sparkler add a teaspoon of Campari for elegance or a tweak of Contreau for those addicted to sugar.


No complaints, if, in the end, as austere as an El Greco.


Price: Holiday favour, but Google would lead me to believe something between $15 and $20.


Market Liquidity: Spare, sere and satisfying.


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