Giudicelli Patrimonio Rouge, 2011

Wine from Corsica. How refreshing is that? I feel like Kermit Lynch is stocking my cellar. But he’s not. The vagaries of the BC Liquor distribution branch weighed against strategically staged trips to Seattle are a battle of wits and the only way to bear the repetitive boredom and ludicrous prices of wine in BC.


Invariably, Seattle wins out. As with this unfiltered red.

Giudicelli Patrimonio Rouge, 2011

Light, spicy. But not thin and forgettable. We had an Australian Malbec over the holidays, the Bleasdale. Holy crow was that a disappointment. Thin. Super model thin. And not in any way fashionable. Kudos to Oz for trying to make a go of Malbec, but three weeks in Argentina/Chile would disabuse even the most naïve vinophile that Oz is hitting the mark.


I’ve always imagined what’s going on in Corsica is going on against the grain of the Robert Parkers of the world. In a way, this bottle is an exemplary example. The Patrimonio is a mere 11.5% alcohol. Light and lovely. It sipped like a spice cabinet, fennel, rosemary, fig, metallic finish. But it drank with food chlorinated, like a sip at the community centre pool. Overall we were pleased and placated but not wowed. Yet, that said, I’d return again and again if BC Liquor could so much as demean itself to offer such an offering.


Price: On Santa’s sled. But, presumably, $20-25.


Market Liquidity: You can’t always get what you want. But you can try sometimes.


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