Pewsey Vale Riesling, 2013

Pewsey Vale RieslingWe discovered the PV at Chambar, a lovely (sort of ) Belgian themed restaurant in Vancouver which moved down a few spots last year into a gorgeous new loft space. They sell the PV by the glass. $14. Ouch. However, it’s astonishingly good and hugely food friendly.  It’s great to see such a wonderful wine btg.  But, honestly, we had to drink a second bottle at home just to make sure it wasn’t what we call restaurant deception (good food and good service can make OK wine taste better than it is). I thought it was a fluke. It’s not.  Get some.  A stunning (if maybe typical) example of Australian dry Riesling, reminiscent of many similar whites from back in the day when Sydney was home. Gorgeous fruit on the palate, lightly acid, a stony, flinty edge overshadowing the citrus, a bit flat on the finish. Did not drink as well with Indian (home-made, eggplant korma, dry baked curry vegetables, etc.) as I had hoped, but was marriage with a rich chicken dish. You will not see a wine like this fly off the shelves in BC, it’s not to our palate for some crazy reason. Too bad. Very good value for the price.

The elegant dining room at Chambar
The elegant dining room at Chambar


Price: $23 at BCL.


Market Liquidity: Dry like Buck Henry; not to everyone’s taste, but perfect for some.

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