Array Chardonnay, Columbia Valley, 2010

Unctuous. Although, I know, a much under-used and mis-used word because I don’t mean oily or minerally I mean virtuous.


OK: Good. Very good. None of that grating severity common in unoaked chardonnay. Has all the warmth of a much finer, more refined white. But who am I to say this isn’t refined? It’s just the price that baffles me. Around $20 for a white that, if made in BC, would be over $40.  There is a tinge of burnt sugar on the tongue, not a sharp caramel, but just a flinty sweetness that is hugely alluring.

Array Chardonnay

Mission Hill bottles a Perpetua that I would put in this class but then, again, I wouldn’t. I mean the Array stands heads and tails above it. Absolutely a perfect fish wine, a very good mushroom wine, a decent (non tomato sauce) pasta wine, and a fairly decent aperitif.


Price: Over $40 USD in a restaurant so, presumably, $20-25 retail.


Market Liquidity: Who says unctuous?  Prick.

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